DJ Fusion - 'You're feeling sleepy...' mix

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  • Song Name: DJ Fusion - 'You're feeling sleepy...' mix
  • Artist: Fusion

I've always maintained that D&B is an incredibly versatile music style, and I was certain that it was possible to create a mix that was relaxing and would induce sleep. I used to play this low when in bed, and I never stayed awake until the end...

Shy FX & T Power – Everything feat. Gary Poole (London)
Omni Trio – Breakbeat Etiquette (London Steppers remix) (Moving Shadow)
Red Shift Mantra – Rain (Blame remix) (720°)
Omni Trio – Nu Birth (Moving Shadow)
Artefact – When Francis Speaks (Simon V remix) (Santorin)
Strategy – Cruise (Bear Necessities)
Intersperse – Equanimity (Looking Good)
Ram Trilogy – Reflection (Look Inside) (Ram)
Photek – Knitevision (Virgin)
Marcus Intalex – Lose Control (Metalheadz)
Nos – Free Us (Defunked)
TeeBee – Blue Rose (Subtitles)
Armour – Dexters Groove (Double Zero)