DJ:Fusion - All Spearhead & Future Retro Records Mix (13 March 2010)

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  • Song Name: DJ:Fusion - All Spearhead & Future Retro Records Mix (13 March 2010)
  • Artist: DJ:Fusion
  • Album: Live on Spectrum
  • Year: 2010

As the Spectrum shows were drawing to a close, we focused more on mixes from former guests.

Spearhead/Future Retro label head BCee was a repeat guest, and subsequently during 2009 a presenter on the show. Unfortunately he was unable to appear on Spectrum before we finished, but to mark his involvement and in appreciation of the many fine tracks he provided, I spun out this mix.

This is recorded directly from the mixer, so there's no unnecessary talk - just the music ;-)

Stunna & Amanning – Just A Dream (Future Retro)
Submorphics – Miles Ahead (Spearhead Records)
Stunna & Amanning – Mutual Life (Future Retro)
Redeyes – Luv & Haight feat. Deeizm (Poetry In Motion LP – Spearhead Records)
Redeyes & Random Movement – Groove Thing feat. Mutt & Mike Romeo (Future Retro)
Lenzman – Caught Up (Spearhead Records)
Redeyes & Random Movement – How Many Ways (Future Retro)
Marky & Bungle – Let Me Tell You (Moodswings LP – Spearhead Records)
L.A.O.S. – Harmony (Future Retro)
BCee – Glitter Balls [Redeyes & Lenzman remix] (Future Retro)
Random Movement – Ain’t Going Nowhere (Future Retro)
Netsky – I Refuse (Spearhead Records)
Redeyes – The Night Is Over feat. Sweed (Poetry In Motion LP – Spearhead Records)
BCee – Cultural Shift (Moodswings 2 LP – Spearhead Records)
S.P.Y. – Sunshine (Moodswings 2 LP – Spearhead Records)
Redeyes – Cruise Ship To The Stars (Poetry In Motion LP – Spearhead Records)
A Sides – Lustrous (Moodswings LP – Spearhead Records)
Blue Sonix feat. Michael Moulton – Luv Me [Logistics remix] (Spearhead Records)
BCee – Generations [S.P.Y. remix] (Future Retro)
BCee – Diagnosis Murder feat. S.P.Y. (Generations EP – Spearhead Records)
BCee – Mr Bidigan feat. Jo-S [Total Science remix] (Spearhead Records)