DJ:Fusion presents Breakizm on ICRFM.CO.UK (28 March 2015)

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  • Song Name: DJ:Fusion presents Breakizm on ICRFM.CO.UK (28 March 2015)
  • Artist: DJ:Fusion
  • Year: 2015

The Funky Technicians – Airtight (Remix) (Legend Records)
Dr. S. Gachet – Remember the Roller (Audio Maze)
Peshay – Jah VIP Rollers Mix (Razors Edge)
Goldie – Angel (Peshay Back from Narm Mix) (FFRR)
Adam F – Circles (Roni Size Mix) (F-Jams)
LTJ Bukem – Orchestral Jam (Vocal) (Good Looking Records)
P.F.M. – For All of Us (Good Looking Records)
Peshay – Jazz Lick (Nexus Records)
Peshay – On the Nile (Metalheadz)
Omni Trio – Breakbeat Etiquette (London Steppers Remix) (Even Angels Cast Shadows LP – Moving Shadow)
Logistics – Together (Hospital Records)
D.Kay – It’s on the Way (soul:R)
Strategy – 3 Phase (Bear Necessities)
Roni Size/Reprazent – Brown Paper Bag (Roni Size Full Rap Remix) (Mercury Records Ltd)
MC Conrad & DJ Furney – Drum Tools (Good Looking Records)
Zinc Feat. Slarta Jon – Flim (Calibre Vocal Mix) (Bingo)
Digital – Spacefunk 2000 (Nasty Habits Mix) (Timeless Recordings)
Digital – Archive (Ingredients Records)
Simon Bassline Smith – Jungle (Digital 99 Remix) (Timeless Recordings)
Nausika – Pressure (Subtitles Music)
Breakage – Clarendon (Digital Soundboy)
Deepcutt – Sarabande (The Sarabande EP – Scion)
Circa – Ida (New Blood 010 – Med School)
Helios – First Dream Called Ocean (Stray Remix) (New Blood 010 – Med School)
Alix Perez & Sabre – Solitary Native (SGN LTD)
Calibre – Mr Right On (Signature Records)
S.P.Y. – By Your Side (Keeno & Whiney Remix) (Spearhead Records)