DJ:Fusion - Darkestral Recordings Mix

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  • Song Name: DJ:Fusion - Darkestral Recordings Mix
  • Artist: DJ:Fusion
  • Year: 2017

In 2007 an exciting new sound emerged in D&B.
Darkestral recordings saw the beginnings of the 'Autonomic' style, championed by Instra:mental and D-bridge.
Whilst the label only existed for a few years, the sound they spearheaded continues to resonate through releases on Exit, Autonomic, Nonplus and Pleasure District.

Enjoy this mix of my favourite Darkestral tracks.

Drkstr vs Instra:mental – The Chamber
Instra:mental – Rogue
Instramental – Comanche
Instra:mental – Sakura
Instra:mental – Pacific Heights
Instra:mental vs D Bridge – Translucent
Instra:mental – Photograph