On Rotation 19 Feb 2021 by DJ:Fusion ft. Docta guest mix on icrfm (with speech)

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  • Song Name: On Rotation 19 Feb 2021 by DJ:Fusion ft. Docta guest mix on icrfm (with speech)
  • Artist: DJ:Fusion
  • Album: On Rotation presented by DJ:Fusion
  • Year: 2021

My latest On Rotation show, broadcast on icrfm.com and featuring a fantastic Autonomic style mix from Docta. This is the presented version with speech.

Download the 320kbps music only mix here:

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Aquarius - Drift to the Centre
P.F.M. - One & Only
P.F.M. - For All of Us
P.F.M. - The Western

***Docta Guest Mix***
Governmentfun - Answer
Audeka - Until the Morning
Bulb - Iceberg
Rhyming In Fives - Bokeh
Governmentfun - Hours (Revisited)
KeOSz - Mountain Level
Synkro - Driveway
Sorse - Whimsical
HNGVR - I Was Just...
Instra:mental - End Credits
Glen E.Ston - Black On Ice
Mortem - Recall
Kantyze - Hot Cold
Bulb - Mental Universe
Koto - Fearless Symmetry
Dissident - Anabasis (feat Nordub & Dissociative)
Ultracode & Stereotype - Gagarin
Bop - In My Dreams
Electrosoul System - Before After
Forward Motion - Wagz
Broken Promise - Beyond Reach
R381 - Hard
Eusebeia - Remind
dBridge - Ether
ASC - Euphony
Blocks - Seance
Metafloor - End Credits
***Mix Ends***

Nicola Conte Apresenta Rosalia De Souza - Maria Moita
Un-cut - Midnight
Black Widow Vs. Talisman P ft. Barrington Levy - Suspicion (2007 Remix)
Thomas B & Dominic Ridgway - Freedoms Dub
Dominic Ridgway ft. Suree - White Lies (Synth Sense RMX)
Black Box - Ride on Time (Epsom Mix)